Melted Blue d’ Auvergne and caramelised pear.


Cut a thin slice of ripe Bleu d' Auvergne cheese and place on a small plate. Cut four or five slices pp. of poached doyenne de Commis pear (in water and sugar, still firm). Heat a bit of butter in a pan and add the slices of pear. Sauté on medium heat until golden brown, add one tablespoon of honey and let it caramelise but keep it golden brown not to dark of colour. To finish add a bit of the poaching liquid of the pears and reduce. Make the sauce a bit ricer and thicker by adding a few cold pieces of butter.

Meanwhile melt the cheese by putting the plate in a 180 C hot oven until it is melted. Put the slices of pear on top of the cheese and spoon some sauce over it.

Combine it with a beautiful wine like a eiswine or late harvest gewürztraminer or other thick structured wines with a great sweet and acid balance. Our suggestion is “Cos du Sainte Catherine” produced by “Domaine des Baumard” or if you really want something extraordinary special “Quarts de Chaume” produced by the same house. Both for sale by wine shop “De Gouden Ton”.