Great wine of dried grapes?


The Recioto della Valpolicella Classico amabile is regarded as the best red wine from the Verona area. Because of the special way this wine is made it becomes a full, soft, sweet and ripe wine with flavours of red fruits and hints of white chocolate.


After the harvest the grapes are not pressed straight away but are dried for a few month’s. Because of the loss of moisture all the flavour components, acid, sweet and tannins are higher in concentration. After the drying, the grapes are gently pressed and fermented. The young wine is ripened for months in wooden barrels and after that also in the bottle.


This process gives a full bodied and concentrated red wine with a perfect balance. A wine that can accompany a wide range of dishes, from cheese to bitter sweet chocolate, red fruit and of course… our dessert in this period:


An anise seed meringue filled with white chocolate mouse and blood orange compote with mint and raspberry-compote. Accompanied with a sorbet of rooibos tea, blood orange, mint and pink pepper.


Would you like to taste this Recioto and meringue sensation and all the other combinations we are serving the coming weeks?


Come and spoil yourself!