A black wine from white grapes?


In the south of Spain, just under Cordoba, there is a tradition of making a fantastic dessert wine. The wine is made in a very special way from the white grape, “Pedro Ximenez”. After the harvest the grapes are left to dry on mats in the sun for two weeks. Using this method the excess moisture in the grapes is lost and sugar and acid concentration in the “dried grapes, raisins” rise. During the drying process the bunches of grapes are turned regularly so the grapes can dry evenly.


After the two weeks the grapes are softly pressed. The dark coloured, syrup like, most is then fermented. After the fermentation the wine still contains residual sugar but also beautiful fresh acids. The wine is poured into wooden barrels and is ripened in contact with the air. In this way the wine oxidizes and gets a beautiful balance. Using this method a deep dark, almost black, velvety soft dessert wine is produced.


A wine with hints of cocoa, dried fruits (dates), caramel, coffee but also beautiful citrusy tones…. Very complex and delicious with full flavoured desserts.

We serve this PX, which is harvested in 1982 and ripened in the barrel till 2010, with a terrine of pure chocolate. Igor makes this terrine with a 75% cocoa mass chocolate from Criollo beans from Peru made by the Amsterdam “Chocolate makers”. The filling is enriched with sundried figs, almonds and self-made candied peel from Cedro lemons from Calabria. Served with crispy coconut, mini merengue’s and home made “Dulce de leche”-ice-cream.

We invite you to come and taste!