Oh Dear, Oh Deer…“Dam “Deer from Amsterdam


Where does it come from and why is it so delicious?

In the middle of the nineties around a hundred deer lived in the dunes south of Zandvoort, a lot of them escaped from private parks or were set loose. The council of Amsterdam owner of this beautiful nature reserve still uses it to purify the Amsterdam drinking water. The European Union has recognised this and labelled it a Natura-2000 reserve because of its diversity of flora and fauna. Because the deer have no natural enemies the natural balance in the reserve has been disturbed over the years. After complains from the local residences, threatened species of flora and fauna in the reserve, the council of Amsterdam decided to actively control the population of deer by shooting specific animals. This makes sure that all animals and plants in the area have enough space to live and we can harvest from the nature. I can’t think of anything better than to prepare dishes from an animal that has lived free and eaten healthy in it’s own habitat and serve it in Amsterdam.

Damhert (1 van 1).jpg

How we prepare it?

The meat has a fine structure and has a soft taste. We roast a tender piece from the leg and serve this with ox heart cabbage and a sauce from the neck that we prepare with wine, onions, spices, wine vinegar and “ontbijtkoek”. A refined version of the traditional “Zuurvlees” with a “hutspot” from roasted root vegetables, chestnuts and apples.


Hans what do we drink with it?

Amarone, a delicious full-bodied red wine from the Valpolicellia area north of Verona. A wine that has everything a beautiful glass of red should have, filling, roundness, length and softness. Especially served with game but also with cheese it is in fantastic company. Amarone is made from very ripe grapes that are dried in good ventilated rooms till they lose around 40 % of their moisture. The most is fermented till the end and the wine is aged in Slovenian oak wood barrels with as a result a beautiful full bodied glass of wine with a not to underestimate percentage of alcohol. Besides a beautiful bouquet a wine with lot’s of filling, confit fruit, ripe cherries and a great texture.

Just delicious, just do it….

Yes, I want deer with Amarone!


Het drogen van de druiven amarone.jpg